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Firearm Training For All Levels of Shooters

Lock And Loaded Lessons offers a wide range of firearm training and gun safety classes, from complete beginners to the most advanced shooters. Gun enthusiasts in Naples and Marco Island who want to improve their shooting skills and enhance their safety and awareness will be challenged at every level.

Our goal is to provide each student proper firearm instruction, gun safety, and shooting techniques when it comes to all types of guns, from rifles to handguns.

Lock And Loaded Lessons instructor Emilio Rodriguez instructs Naples firearm shooter on proper technique of shooting a hand gun.

Whether you are a novice or experienced shooter, our firearm training classes will help you learn a deep regard for proper gun care and safety while improving your overall shooting ability. We offer firearm training to any level of expertise and any age group.

If you are just starting your gun ownership journey, we offer the certification class needed to apply for your Florida concealed weapons permit.

If you are a more advanced student, we offer a wide range of gun safety education and firearm training that can help you advance your skill.

We even have specialized classes for AR-15 and tactical shooting, as well as basic and advanced self defense.

At Lock And Loaded Lessons, we believe that respect is earned, not given. This is especially true for a person holding a gun. If someone has not learned the basic knowledge and understanding of what the gun can do and how to use it, then they have no respect for the weapon.

We proudly educate and train our customers on all levels of respect for the firearm they wish to shoot.

Our Classes

From the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit to advanced tactical shooting lessons, we offer a wide range of classes for all levels of students.

Our Instructor

Learn from the very best. Emilio Rodriguez is former military, retired fire chief and current police officer. He offers his experience and knowledge to our students.

Our Locations

We offer the Florida Concealed Weapons Class in Naples & Marco Island, and we can even come to you! Our gun range shooting education is in Naples.

Emilio helps a new student with proper handgun shooting
We train both men and women, of all ages.
Instructor Emilio helps a student with the proper technique to hold a handgun
The Lock And Loaded arsenal of weapons
We even train members of the military
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